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By Lucia Sera

ISBN-10: 1932653139

ISBN-13: 9781932653137

A Boatload of Idioms provides greater than 1000 idioms, in addition to definitions, foundation causes (where known), pattern sentences and routines. additionally, a seek index is on the market as a brief reference instrument. This software is aimed toward intermediate-to-advanced ESL scholars in addition to local English audio system who are looking to enhance their language talents. as soon as idioms are simply understood, talking English could be a «cake-walk».

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40 Bottleneck – a tight, narrow entry-point preventing easy passage. Traffic is usually congested at a bottleneck. There was a bottle neck at the photo-copy machine because we all had reports due at once. Bottom line – to summarize; the synopsis. He wasn’t interested in all the details and told me to give him the bottom line. [Get down to] brass tacks – go directly to the actual facts in a matter and look at them honestly. After exchanging some niceties, we got down to brass tacks and discussed the actual costs of building a house.

2. Ginny liked to listen to the blues on the radio. [A] boatload of – many; a ton of something. In January, the thrift shop got a boatload of donations from people who received unwanted Christmas gifts.. Boob tube – television. This name comes from a time when TVs functioned by way of cathode ray tubes. I like to relax by watching the boob tube. Bombshell – a secret revealed; shocking news. He dropped a bombshell when he revealed that he had been married three times before. 38 Boondocks – a very remote, rural place; out in the countryside.

I want to speak with a manager or whoever calls the shots around here. Calling card - a signature; a unique characteristic. The “flower” murderer always left a white rose at the scene of the crime as a calling card. Can of worms – a problem situation. I asked about the wife, and that was another can of worms. Can’t fight City Hall – It’s no use getting upset when there’s nothing you can do about a matter. They tried to save the lighthouse with a petition drive, but in the end, they realized that you can’t fight City Hall.

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