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By Donald J. Hanahan

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This e-book offers a concise advent to phospholipid chemistry and is meant for a extensive viewers of biologists, biochemists, and graduate scholars. constructed as a part of a graduate path on lipids, this ebook additionally serves as a reference for laboratory investigators on sign transduction and organic membranes. the 1st a part of the textual content is dedicated to an orientation to the chemical nature of lipids commonly, how they're regarded as linked within the phone, and the technique in which the mobile lipids (including the phospholipids) will be recovered from cells and subjected to an preliminary id. next chapters represent the choline-containing phospholipids, together with the sphingolipids, the non-choline containing phospholipids, and at last, the so-called minor phospholipids. The latter compounds, which act as agonists or lipid chemical mediators on cells, shape a forefront of a brand new class of biologically lively ingredients and feature set the research of mobile phospholipids on a brand new and exiting path. most significantly, this e-book presents a foundation for additional inquiry on those advanced molecules, displaying that even if the compounds are specific, with care and realizing, they are often studied very easily

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The types described here are ones that have proven successful in the author's laboratory, but others could be equally adequate depending on the investigator's preference. Pre-Washing Silica gel G-precoated plates (250 um; Analtech, New Jersey) are placed in a glass chromatography tank containing a filter paper lining (Whatman 1) and a solvent of chloroform-methanol-water, 65:35:7, v/v). The paper "wick" should be thoroughly wetted, prior to introduction of the plates. Then, the solvent is allowed to migrate to near the top of the plate.

The plate is then sprayed (in a fume hood) with the phosphorus stain reagent developed by Dittmer and Lester (1964). It is composed of a mixture of molybdenum oxide, MoO3, in sulfuric acid and powdered molybdenum. As little as 5 ug of phospholipid (by weight) can be detected. Within two to three minutes at the most a bright blue color should appear. 4 ug (as phospholipid P). This calculation is based on the assumption that the average P content of a diacylphosphoglyceride is approximately 4%. Spray (glass) bottles of different styles and sizes are widely available from commercial glass equipment suppliers and from companies specializing in chromatography supplies.

Prenylation of proteins by 15- and 20-carbon-chain prenyl groups presented in partial formulation in Figure 2-5 These various derivatives appear to be very important components of regulatory systems in the cell. For further consideration of this fascinating and ASSOCIATIONS IN CELLULAR STRUCTURES 3 1 FIGURE 2-2. The partial chemical structure of palmitic acid bonding to a thiol group on a cellular peptide. important topic, excellent articles are available by Towler et al. (1988) and Stimmel et al.

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