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By David Harber

ISBN-10: 0873646347

ISBN-13: 9780873646345

From EOD expert David Harber comes a bumper crop of recent and weird incendiary and explosive concoctions. Get special directions for gelled nitromethane, ANFO+, nipolit, plus unique guns utilized by terrorists world wide. for info reasons purely.

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ISIIlIS, Ilfe wllJ be a l itt le tougber. r. JuTO 10 go off. It may heve been o:AIy partiatIy 1IltIIIed. hI! striker, causins It 10 haDS up {momentarily}. The sensitivity may raogo from one. that won't go off without an ac1 of God to onll that explodes wliaD your hoot hoel taps it. You Devor, mow, Franldy. even ROD operatol"S General ly prefer to "blow II io. 'p1ace" whijpever po5siblR. ld. Scm!.! motbod of f9m(llely unscre .... d , and you may haVil to dig it out of the ground to get to the fllH.

1:XJut len millisecond! hat bwuing Wall oo::lUiilll wu laipJ,. oOSClUed by the unb urned fu el surroundiJlg the implosion fireball. llt! iI the nalll& &ont rapid ly PJOPiISItlid 'CI'Ol5 tho entire cloud vt\lume. n. rel»,ll 81 extremel, bip temperature spread acro"" the 8J'OIlnd over approximately. 100-fool circle. /iub~1alltial burning In the fuai dn nd Will 5illi oeo'mlll afur. eroond. n1 of nucloor weapons within Ib, yolume of tbeir cloud. mown weapons. 'l per unit or weisht or unit cos:!. sivi davir:e.

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