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Whether artwork might be utterly self sustaining has been again and again challenged within the smooth background of aesthetics. during this number of specially-commissioned chapters, a crew of specialists talk about the level to which artwork should be defined basically by way of aesthetic categories.

Covering examples from Philosophy, tune and paintings background and drawing on continental and analytic resources, this quantity clarifies the connection among artistic endeavors and extra-aesthetic issues, together with historical, cultural or fiscal components. It provides a entire evaluation of the query of aesthetic autonomy, exploring its relevance to either philosophy and the comprehension of particular artistic endeavors themselves. via heavily analyzing how the production of artistic endeavors, and our decisions of those works of art, relate to society and historical past, Aesthetic and creative Autonomy offers an insightful and sustained dialogue of an important query in aesthetic philosophy.

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I have also argued that, in contrast, artistic value is derived from other values. I now turn to two ways of challenging these conclusions. One argues that aesthetic Aesthetic Autonomy and Artistic Heteronomy 37 value is heteronomous; it has just the derived character I have attributed to artistic value. The second is to argue that artistic value is autonomous because it is identical to aesthetic value conceived autonomously. Aesthetic value as artistic value I first consider a challenge to the idea that aesthetic value is autonomous in the sense of having an underived character.

Rather, what we need are solid arguments to think there is non-aesthetic artistic value, and clear examples of such value. Both have been given above. Of course, if we can find criteria we can answer the objection in a way that is satisfactory to everyone. So here is a proposal for doing just that: does one need to understand the work to appreciate its being valuable in that way? If so, it is an artistic value. If not, it is not. To make this test clearer, one needs to say something about the sort of understanding I have in mind and how it is distinguished from other things that can be meant by understanding.

I begin with challenges to the coherence of the latter idea before turning to positive arguments for the identity claim. In order to defend the idea of non-aesthetic artistic value, it has to be distinguished from value which artworks possess that is just not relevant to evaluating them as art. Artworks possess many such values: economic value, sentimental value, propaganda value, to name a few. If there is no way to distinguish non-aesthetic values relevant to evaluating artworks as art from other adventitious values, we are just left with the trivial idea that artworks can be valued in non-aesthetic ways.

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