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In 1076,for example,Badrreceivedword that the Metropolitan of the Nubian church, an appointee of Christodulos,had destroyed a mosque. 30Subsequently,the brotherof MetropolitanSeverusarrivedin Cairo with a present which failed to satisfy the vizier. Badr swiftly summoned PatriarchCyril and held him accountablefor this breachof good faith, notwithstandingthe protestationsof the Patriarch'secclesiasticalsecretarythat the incumbentMetropolitanhad beenappointedby commandof 27. Patriarchs, 23: 332-40.

39. This suggestion about the return from Samarra is made by Heribert Busse, Chalifund Grossk6nig: Die Buyiden in Iraq (945-1055) (Beirut, 1969), p. 485, in his chapter on the Jews, noting that the head of the Nestorian church moved to Baghdad at that time (cf. also p. 455). s. , p. " Busse's plausible proposal demonstrates the usefulness of the comparative approach to non-Muslim communal history. 40. Patriarchs, 3': 13 (emphasis added). During his reign, Patriarch Michael IV (1092-1102) forced the bishop of Cairo into political exile at least twice and even attempted,albeitunsuccessfully,to subvertthe bishop's time-honoredprerogativeto be the patron of the venerableChurchof St.

But the latter position accords with a second reading of the baraita. Some texts of y. Ber. " As this reading is not supported by all the witnesses of y. [not in V MS, YFG], and poses other difficulties, Lieberman has argued that it is the result of a textual or scribal mistake. See TK, 1:85. But if the L and S MSS which do have ba-davar, "in the matter," reflect an actual literary tradition, the situation would be different. '" This rendering more strongly states that the blessing formula is neither determinative nor significant.

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