Applied Hydroaeromechanics in Oil and Gas Drilling - download pdf or read online

By Eugeniy G. Leonov

ISBN-10: 0470487569

ISBN-13: 9780470487563

Hydromechanical tactics underlie the vast majority of expertise operations in drilling, and current an important drawback because the velocity and intensity of drilling raises in today’s energy-hungry international. utilized Hydroaeromechanics in Oil and gasoline Drilling bargains a different source for correctly modeling and figuring out the hydrodynamic forces affecting a drilling website. Combining hydrodynamic thought with particular drilling purposes, this assurance offers readers with a accomplished reference for designing, making plans, and optimizing drilling operations.

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Then, the momentum of a mixture filling the volume DV will be X ðwi ri wi ÞDV: ð4:2:2Þ The vector of mass force (gravity force) distributed over the volume DV has the form X  FM ¼ g ð4:2:3Þ wi ri DV; where g is the gravity acceleration. The surface Ds of volume DV under the action of external forces is exposed to surface tension. Denote through Ps total vector of surface forces. It will be determined further as applied to drilling problems. Supposing that the theorem of momentum change could be applied to elementary volume of the mixture as a whole, one obtains  i d hX ð4:2:4Þ wi ri wi DV ¼ gðSwi ri ÞDV þ Ps dt MOMENTUM (MOTION) EQUATION 19 and differentiation of the left side yields  X !

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