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By Anonymous, Miguel Amorós

Attentat is meant to discover the collision among anarchist and nihilist principles. the location itself is extra in regards to the collision than approximately phrases (or labels). For too lengthy we've got suffered the restrictions of phrases and identities that cave in into insignificance. That fall apart prior to gaining the corresponding heft of a weapon or software one is ended in think they are going to become. the large principles the nineteenth and twentieth century need to be famous as no longer very important within the comparable approach anymore. nonetheless round, haunting, yet no longer at the tips of our tongues or the again of our minds. Attentat explores a heritage and set of principles meant to collide with what exists and to blow up.

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42 ing and our role in perfect it 44 45 against a howl On one level our project here couldn’t be easier. We are describing a surface, smooth (if not flat), and we use the word “Marxist” to describe the surface. Then, we describe a vector orthogonal to that surface, and say that position is ours. But in fact we have a more complicated project. For many people, ourselves included, Marxism has been the radical Other to American hegemony. We may be decades from seeing the world this simply, but we understand that in the polarized and barren landscape of American political analysis this position holds a great deal of resonance for many people.

The propertied class existed prior to its description by Marx. Clearly those who work also existed but not as a class and the magic of naming them was not, nor could it ever be, enough to make them a class. This gap—the distance that could be the space of class conflict—is under theorized because its proponents see and believe more than they test and reality check. For those of us who desire some kind of transformation of the world-as-it-is, the centrality of conflict in Marxist sociological theory seems hopeful.

The tension of a howl is that it is primal, a feeling as much as a thought; social, intended 48 to collect friends; exultant, a response of health & joy, not fear and sickness. A howl is not a critique, a negation, or sublimation, but a joyful lament about the entire situation. A howl usually looks like a curse or an attempt to abandon a train of thought. I howl alone not because I am alone but because I exult in the joy of... those who are coming. The formal task of this howl is to dissect Marx into the categories where he is treated as central even if he isn’t named as such.

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Attentat by Anonymous, Miguel Amorós

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