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By Jim Vernon, Antonio Calcagno (eds.)

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Participants: A. J. Bartlett, Justin Clemens, Norman Madarasz, Adriel M. Trott, Gabriel Riera, Frank Ruda, Tzuchien Tho, Alberto Toscano

Badiou and Hegel: Infinity, Dialectics, Subjectivity bargains serious value determinations of 2 of the dominant figures of the Continental culture of philosophy, Alain Badiou and G.W.F. Hegel. Jim Vernon and Antonio Calcagno compile demonstrated and rising authors in Continental philosophy to debate the connection among the thinkers, making a multifarious selection of essays through Hegelians, Badiouans, and people sympathetic to either. The textual content privileges neither philosopher, nor any specific subject shared among them; quite, this ebook lays a large and sound beginning for destiny scholarship on arguably of the best thinkers of infinity, universality, subjectivity, and the iconic worth of philosophy within the smooth Western canon. usually late, this quantity will allure Hegel and Badiou students, in addition to these drawn to post-structuralism, political philosophy, cultural reports, ontology, philosophy of arithmetic, and psychoanalysis.

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This is clarified in Second Manifesto for Philosophy, where Badiou lists the following: the insurrection of slaves under Spartacus’ leadership or the first day of the Paris Commune, in politics; the Chauvet cave artists’ paintings of horses or the architecture of Brasilia, in the arts; Julie and Sant-Preux in Rousseau’s novel The New Heloise or Dido and Aeneas in Berlioz’s op- 30 A. J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens era The Trojans, in love; and Galois’ invention of the theory of groups or Euclid’s presentation of the theory of prime numbers, in science.

5 Although dialectical self-relation is an intuitive way to grasp the Hegelian infinite, it is important to underline that this infinite emerges as a dynamic because the good infinite is not a “thing” to be grasped from without. It is not static selfidentity, but a dynamical process that takes the side of the negativity immanent to the identity of being and nothingness, or becoming. As such, this good infinite is rather the dynamical process of two movements of thought. These two movements are the internal contradiction of the quantum, defined as the determinate being of quantity.

The still-more is surpassing; the already, determinateness. ” Why? Because the emergence of beings through a process of determination requires, in the very positing-as that determination effects, the act of positing itself in- Badiou and Hegel 23 scribes a productive ambivalence within its determination, that thereby necessarily pushes any being beyond itself. Take the following instance of such a production from Science of Logic, from the section on “Existence”: Now in so far as something in its limit both is and is not, and these moments are an immediate, qualitative distinction, the non-existence and the existence of the something fall outside each other.

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