Download PDF by Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D., Phillip J. Vuchetich, Pharm.D.,: Basic Pharmacokinetics

By Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D., Phillip J. Vuchetich, Pharm.D., M.S., Umesh V. Banakar, Ph.D.

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4. The student shall demonstrate (III) the proper procedures of mathematical and algebraic manipulations. 5. The student shall demonstrate (III) the proper calculus procedures of integration and differentiation. 6. The student shall demonstrate (III) the proper use of computers in graphical simulations and problem solving. 7. Given information regarding the drug and the pharmacokinetic assumptions for the model, the student will construct (III) models and develop (V) equations of the ADME processes using LaPlace Transforms.

Any number divided by zero is mathematically undefined. Any number divided by infinity is mathematically undefined. 2 EXPRESSING LARGE AND SMALL NUMBERS Large or small numbers can be expressed in a more compact way using indices. How Does Scientific Notation Work? 08 ×10 In general a number takes the form: A × 10 n Where A is a value between 1 and 10, and n is a positive or negative integer The value of the integer n is the number of places that the decimal point must be moved to place it immediately to the right of the first non-zero digit.

Bioequivalence 5. Bioavailability 6. 3 STUDY GROUP 3: APPLY THE TOOLS IN COMPROMISED PATIENTS. J: Dosage regimen (Healthy, aged and diseased patients) 1. Multiple dose kinetics 2. Optimization of dosage regimen 3. Computer aided instruction 4. Computer simulation and problem sets 5. Computer aided consultation 6. 4 STUDY GROUP 4: APPLY THE TOOLS IN SPECIAL CASES. K: Multicompartment Modeling 1. Parent compound plasma vs. time profile analysis 2. Multiple dose considerations 3. Computer aided instruction 4.

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Basic Pharmacokinetics by Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D., Phillip J. Vuchetich, Pharm.D., M.S., Umesh V. Banakar, Ph.D.

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