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These data types are implemented using templated classes and generous ­operator overloading, so that they can be manipulated and used almost as easily as native C++ data types. Hardware data types for mathematical calculations like sc_fixed and sc_int allow modeling of complex calculations like DSP functions. These data types evaluate the performance of an algorithm when implemented in custom hardware or in processors without full floating-point capability. SystemC provides all the necessary methods for using hardware data types, including conversion between the hardware data types and conversion from hardware to software data types.

100 MPH float temperature; // Engine temp in C double time_of_last_request; // bus activity string license_plate;// license plate text enum Direction { N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW }; Direction compass; Fig. 1 Example of C++ built-in data types The Standard Template Library (STL) has a rich set of additional data types. The beginner will want to become familiar with string from the STL. =, <, <=, >, >=, and compare()) as well as many others including a conversion to a c-string (c_str()). For many SystemC models, the native C++ data type in Fig.

Therefore, they are never invoked directly by the user. The user indirectly controls execution of the simulation processes by the kernel as a result of events, sensitivity, and notification. 3 Events, Sensitivity, and Notification Events, sensitivity, and notification are very important concepts for understanding the implementation of concurrency by the SystemC simulator. Events are implemented with the SystemC sc_event and sc_event_queue classes. Events are caused or fired through the event class member function, notify.

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